Glance at Four Waves: We love it here!

Offsites…Outings…Experiential Learning…Destination Presentations to develop destination know how Movie Club… AND ENRICHING WORK 

This is life@Four Waves! Our focus has always been delivering value to our customers and employees alike. It is this belief that makes us improve our people practices continually. The work culture is centered around our employees, our Champions. We provide fast track National and International growth opportunities to our people and invest in individual growth plans as well. We believe in bringing up average performance levels along with differentiating high potential career paths. We rely on the impact created by our people on the organization as the ladder to career growth. As a responsible citizen, we are aware of our moral duties towards the society we live in and fulfill those through an extensive community give-back program. 

Fun, Work and Innovation is the DNA of every Tripper – No doubt a Great Place to Work!

Reward and Recognition: We Value Your Contribution!

Exceptional work is duly rewarded at Four Waves. Not only do we appreciate and recognize great results but also the constant generation of ideas and the effort behind the project. Any new and innovative project is recognized irrespective of its outcome. 

We have a comprehensive R&R policy that encompasses achievements across spheres. Here's a sneak peak…

  • Value Award – It empowers employees to recognize their peers for behaviors that reflect the company values and help achieve strategic objectives.
  • The Kalam Award – This award appreciates and rewards innovation at work
  • New Leaf Award – This award is to appreciate outstanding contribution made by a new Tripper.
  • Long Service Award – This award felicitates trippers who have spent a considerable number of years with us
  • Study and FAM Tours – A unique way of rewarding the top performersw by sponsoring a visit to the destinations and they are expected to drive the sales for that destination.

We Teach, We Learn, We Grow!

Fun. Innovate. Fun. Work. Fun. Meetings. Fun. Deadlines. Fun. Projects. Fun

What's the biggest differentiator of working at Four Waves? The brilliantly talented, passionate people you get to work with on a daily basis! Here, everyone is welcome with new ideas, fresh thoughts and their burning desire to make a difference. We have assembled the brightest minds and the biggest hearts in the industry. Are you ready to be a part of a Great Place to Work?